Mohammad Sadegh Abolhasani


Mohammad Sadegh Abolhasani also known as M.S.A or Lima Ohio was born in Tehran , Iran in 22 march 1998.

he was the top student for six continues years.and after then he began top sudent in meraat whole exams in Iran and his school.

for high school he joined sampad's Allame-Helli in 2012 and continiued studing there.

he started programming there using c/c++ and sofar Python and eclipse developing.

he stablished a moto as:"Don't sell sciense to money...";

he joined many sites and contests in order to prove his coding skills,,, and ...

and in social sites:Google, Yahoo, Linkedin,, Wikia and...

he loves computer sciense and hates biology.follow him for more...

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    • High school -- Programming