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Musician, Labelmanager, and Artist in Kolbu, Norge

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Manager Producer Artist Owner at Abòn Records&Studio and @AbonPromotions @Twitter

@AbonTheArtist. Abòn Records&Studio on FaceBook and linkedin.

-Projects and releases:

OLYMPICS NORWAY LILLEHAMMER 10'th Anniversary "Midgaard"​ (Abòn&Kristin Sevaldsen)

- Heat From A Deadstar (UK) - remix

-Kamelot US/NO Abòn and Jan P.Ringvold (Peter Nova) Attributed to a release with compositions Est.

ww copies 150.000

- Horny By Nature (NOR) - recordings/mixes/masterings

- Jian Masters (USA) - remix

- Kai Dalane (NOR) - recordings/mixes/masterings

- Nils Petter Molvaer (NOR)

- remix-Peter Nova (NOR/USA) - recordings

- Reina (JP) - recordings/mixes

- Ronni Le Tekrø (NOR) - recordings

- Schweden (movie-soundtrack for a Norwegian short-movie "Flis") - recordings/mixes/masterings

- Sienná (JP/NOR) - recordings/mixes/masterings

- Tommy Jørgensen (NOR) - recordings

-Abòn "Electric Poem E.P"​ Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT,Vagabond,Rypdal&Tekro)DJ Olle Abstract,Peer Gynt,Kjartan

Hesthagen. Dag Stokke:Are Sigvardsen:Pre-Production

-Abòn "Silver E.P"​ Ronni Le Tekrø,)DJ Olle Abstract,Kristin Sevaldsen,Peer Gynt,Sienná

-Abòn "This is new music"​ Full album:Kristin Sevaldsen,Fredrik"Gud"Myhre

Liktjern:"E.P: Kulde,Pest og Død"​ Recorded,Produced&Mastered at Abòn Records&Studio By Abòn&Liktjern

-Malika Makouf Rasmussen:Pre-Production in Kairo&Alexandria Egypt,Recordings

-First 4 Sienná releases: Production,Mastering,recording,Releases,Feauturing Musician,Guitars, by Abòn

at Abòn Records&Studio

-Studio Recordings&Sessions With&For Widar Karlsen(Magic Rythm Circus,Divin´Ducks,Vagabond,Jørn

Lande,Siggy Sjursen,Ronni Le Tekrø,John Macaluso,MB Normann,Bonnie Tyler,Skeeter Davis,Eddie Z

oltan,Cowboy Laila)

-Studio Sessions&Recordings With&For Simen Everud Bjørnstad.

-Studio sessions for Spira. Some demo songs way back.

-NEW collaboration with Los Angeles rapper SHARKTEETHSOLO 2018

-My autobiography scheduled to start ghostwriting and released worldwide

-I had a full page in The Legendary Dope Boys Magazine By Migo House Est. January 2018+February2018

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A big thank you to my engineer for 10 years,Fredrik(Gud)Myhre from the band Liktjern




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