Letters from Cell 54

In an age of mass marketed lies, the truth can seem hard to find, but that said, I’m a firm believer in the infinite goodness that resides within the human soul. I believe everyone carries within them a 'little' truth and that only together do we get to see the bigger picture. This blog is my piece of the puzzle.

I am a deep thinker who loves to wax philosophical but as the name Àbò-Òrò (1/2 a word) suggests I will try to keep my writings brief, emphasis on the word TRY.

Writing is both a passion and a hobby, and this blog much like my thoughts (and life to be honest) will cover a wide array of topics and delivery styles all aimed at inspiring, informing and provoking critical thinking. So whether they be short stories about life, theological expositions, random rantings on the ills of the world we live in, or brief expositions on the health benefits of turmeric, I hope you will visit and always leave knowing you have gotten value for your time.

So if you are someone who enjoys going beyond the obvious, or takes pleasure in philosophical jargon and doesn’t mind the occasional ranting then we just might become good friends on this journey.

Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to my blog!