Dr S Lata

Doctor in Sector 50, India

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When it comes to women’s health, special care is always recommended. In the time, when one woman thinks to abort her unwanted pregnancy, it requires good mental strength and the mutual decision of both the mother and father.

We, at Dr. S Lata Abortion Centre in Gurgaonstrive to understand your problems and concerns. Dr. S Lata is a gynaecologist, who is also a great person and builds up good the understanding with every female so as to tell her what is right for her based on her health’s condition.

Although she provides many services, however, she is well-known for providing the abortion treatments. She has handled many abortion cases in her overall work experience and she has always got good results from her efforts. She is knowledgeable and knows very well about the abortion techniques.

Dr. S Lata states that though the abortion can be achieved through surgery, however, there is another alternative, which is perfect for the woman having pregnancy less than 7 weeks. This technique is known as Medical Abortion by Pills. The benefit of this way of abortion is this is completely private, safest, and affordable.

Still, we would request the patient to look for the gynaecologist consultation first to know whether this treatment will suit her or not. Leave your shyness behind and step forward towards your good health and happiness.