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We were born in Leyte and 5 bilings grew up in Tacloban. My other siblings 2 of them are in Bohol and is suffering from the result of magnitude 7 earthquake. And the rest of us lived in Leyte one has died and one is missing. All of everything that we have are now suddenly gone in a blew of a wind.

When my parents still alive mostly our means of living were from sea, my father usually catch fish and mother sell them on the roadside near the market place. Every afternoon after school i usaully set down on sea side to watch how the wave moces towards the shore. i feel comfort at the sound of the waves and the breeze of the air that touches my cheecks.

All these youngster moment has suddenly gone when a strong wind ruined all my dreams scattered my heart. With a wink of an eye everything that you think will be for lifetime has now vanish and wake up one day all has gone. your job, your family and everything you have. It melts me , broken and torn apart like an ash. Where am going? How will i eat? Where is Siyong? (my brother) and where are my cousins? How sad when you see and how it feels when that moment of strong calamity will torment your whole being.

Nothing!...none at all but who will say to stop this Yolanda? no one...but keeps moving to live to survive...still hoping even though it seems no one is there.

Only God is the answer can i ever start my life again when you know nothing has left.

If only i can give and share my moment i will even if left nothing to me.

Please help me in prayer

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