Student in Florida


Student in Florida

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This is just abt me so people know me so ! Read on if ya want haha

I'm Kyle, I go by any pronouns and im a Sagittarius

I do occasionally post gore or just ? Disturbing ?? Art just as a warning !!

Don't follow me if you are:

- trump supporter

- going to copy my style fuck off (I don't mind if u reference just don't copy it)

- going to ghost follow me

- going to bring up politics (I'm v uncomfortable w talking or debateing abt politics so)

(Trigger warning) If u follow me or talk to me please do not mention :

- school shooters

- rape

- death

- politics

Now abt me aaa ,

I'm v quiet and scared of talking to people but ! I don't mind at all if u message me or anything ! I like bright colors, sweets, rocky horror, cartoons, and lizards !! ( pls ask abt them !)

I don't post art as often bc of school and work so if u would like to know more abt them dm me !

Art trades are always open !

If u got any questions or anything just sm me or u it's wanna talk I'm =•b open ears lol