Amber H

freelancer in charlotte, nc

Virtual assistant doesn't quite cover this freelancer's hustle and bustle. Fueled by cafe con leche and a sparkle in my eyes, I go above and beyond finding the stress relieving short cuts to solve your business woes. I conquer individual projects or the daily activities that are essential to your business functions. You know, the ones you find boring and stifling. Hey- they're not that bad...truth is, I love 'em!

I can take these off your plate: + Online Customer Service + Direct/Online Marketing Operations + Affiliate Management + eCommerce Site Implementation + VA Tasks -email management, data entry, invoice management + Format/Edit -webpage, marketing collateral, etc + New Procedural/Process Solutions + Expanding Businesses' Online Presence + Personalized Projects and more! Let's team up, brainstorm, and conquer your project! I'll save a spot in my portfolio for you!

All the best, Amber