My name is Anna, I am 14 years

old and I live in Alabama.

My family started this journey through foster care in 2014, and we foster through lifeline.

I have 7 other siblings, and I am Homeschooled. I am a sinner saved by grace, God gave me a gift for writing, he gave me a joy in it, and I intend to use it to be a voice for children in care.

Even if it means that our hearts will be broken over and over again, we will continue to foster.

"We adopt not because we are rescuers, no. We adopt because we are the rescued." ~David Platt

The same goes for foster care, we were rescued, so we in turn are to rescue.

These children need someone willing to get their hearts broken for them, willing to save them, willing to rescue them.

My family isn't perfect, not even close, but God is. And God has called us to be rescuers.

I'm just a girl, desperate for Jesus, and sharing him to foster children in my family.