Blake Ferguson

I’m an entrepreneur. I co-founded my first company in February 2007. That company is called Mangia and enables sports fans to order food and drinks using their mobile phone and get their order delivered right to their seat. Mangia was an amazing experience but in June of 2011 I felt it was time to move on to my next thing(s). Now I’m working on three new startups that are nothing alike: a design and consulting agency, a high-end leather goods brand, and another mobile start-up.

I'm also a proud father to a beautiful little girl who has me completely whipped and bosses me around… and she’s only two. She’s the most important thing in my life. I like to play as hard as I work. I love to play sports, travel, snowboard, wakeboard, fish (but only in the ocean), and most of all I love to SCUBA dive.