Kriselda Sanchez

San Antonio, Texas

Name is Kriselda (Kree-sell-dah) but Krissy works better. I'm a comm graduate and a media enthusiast - passionate in all aspects including journalism, social media, traditional media and broadcast. I wouldn't function without it! I've learned much about PR and media relations and hope to use my extrovert personality to continue building a creative career. As a certified go-getter, I prefer working on several projects at once, the excitement of new work and deadline-stress pushes me to work even harder and smarter. My goal is to become a certified Word Smith, learn two more languages, find an employer who values a hard working PR professional, apply for graduate school and create my own almond butter, organic jelly and fresh fruit mixed with lean brown rice protein for the most amazing, convenient gluten-free sandwich on the go.

Side hobbies: encouraging others, taking photos, reading, learning about different cultures, and currently volunteering for non-for-profits on my down time.

  • Work
    • PR Specialist, Roger Christian & Co. (ad agency)
  • Education
    • University of Texas-Pan American