Lance Davis

Las Vegas

Lance Davis
Founder Pokerstance, LLC

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Spirit Filled Inter Media LLC, a Christian based media company. Our mission has been to successfully integrate "Family" content into all multi-media distribution markets. In 2006 we formed a strategic alliance with SwaggMedia. Together we have accumulated a network of 7.5 million members in our data base that have opted to join.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles, On August 27, 2001 Davis began his training with Frank Plasin to become a member the Loaned Executive Program. After his training Davis was assigned to Frank Plaskin and Earl Tomlinson supervisors of Aero Space and Banking fund raising. An innovator Davis strategically designed fund raising campaigns with the nations leading banks that utilized their already existing corporate partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers. Under the direction of Plaskin & Tomlinson Davis carefully created incentives that resulted in an great turnout in overall participation among contributors.

Dr. Jerry Buss Owner World Champion Los Angeles Lakers & L.A. Sparks.... Davis began his career as a season seats trainee with the Los Angeles Strings in the “summer of 1982.” As a brash young account executive, Davis enlisted friends and family to assist him in his effrots. – targeting high profle movie & television moguls, and sports celebrities: Barbra Streisand, The Jacksons, Herb Albert, Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson, Berry Gordy, Rob Lowe and other “Brat Packers.”

1989 Recruited by Jim Hohensse to work on the behalf of Hunkins and Hohensse H&H Agency contracted by The Los Angeles Lakers to create and sell Corporate Sponsorship's & Media Campaigns. Davis’s unique marketing abilities allowed him to successfully engage with Corporate Accounts that where deemed to be stagnant to his other H&H team members. Davis quickly engaging ITT Sheraton Corporation into a Lakers Sponsorship that encompassed all the teams of the NBA that resulted in making ITT Sheraton the official hotel corporation of the NBA. Other corporate achievements include General Telephone GTE now “Verizon”, Taco Bell, & Reebok.

Throughout Davis’s career as a Marketing Executive he sold over millions of dollars in season seats,

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