Lane Clark

I appreciate you taking a moment to learn more about me. Combining result oriented performance with scientific principles centered around human behavior and psychology, I have created a niche marketing and business development platform. Nobody wants to be sold, but everybody wants to buy.

One of my first ventures, We Ship America, Inc., was founded and developed on the concept that people have needs which require them to spend money, but they want to buy value and pay a cost effective price for it. My logistics firm experienced tremendous growth and positive feedback, eventually becoming one of the top producing ventures nationwide according to industry leader Generating loyal customers and profit is omnipotent. Ask yourself, would you rather a happy spouse, or loyal spouse? The same is true of your client base.

Throughout the years, I have worked with and consulted for various medical based companies and organizations, continually providing growth opportunities based on the trending psychological purchasing models. From pharmaceutical companies and emergency response organizations, to personal injury law practices and gymnastics facilities, psychological based marketing has proven a successful and niche opportunity. Lately, I have been focusing my efforts towards improving the local businesses in New York City. Applying psychology based initiatives to generate short term sales and profit increases has become an important staple in the small business owner's arsenal. A notable example includes generating 1600 new paying clients and over $25,000 gross revenue in just under 36 hours. Each and everyday I continue to rely heavily on my experiences and education to move business forward.

My traditional education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Behavior and Psychology, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I have been a New York State Certified EMT-Paramedic since 2004. My industry experience includes various sales, marketing, and development roles and over 24 years in the gymnastics industry including state and national competitions, coaching, and management. I know people, and I provide an in depth understanding of human behavior. Finding ways to generate profit while building loyal customers is my passion. As a firm believer that no one has a monopoly on knowledge, I encourage you to reach out to me and others to start an engaging discussion. I look forward to meeting you.