Manoj Kumar

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Photographer in New Colony, India

Open Source pragmatist , Technology enthusiast; devotedly loves Music. Avid traveler and amateur photographer.

A Huge lover of Gadgets & A proud owner of N900:) :)

I used to develop for iPhone, Android, Maemo & MeeGo. An aspiring entrepreneur but currently a Part time engineer. Leaning towards the growing trends of technology, understanding the worlds unraveled by the abundant exploration of the machine learning and augmented reality, preparing to set up a better world on top of the existing one.

I love Tamil as much as I love myself. Literature is my muse; history and research have always been my passion.

Spending time with people gives me the most of joy in this world. After all, I am human. I love to be social.

Above all these, I am a Philanthropist. Nature is my love, after all!


  • Work
    • Software Developer
  • Education
    • Information Technology
    • Anna University