What is About.me?

About.me is a personal hosting service, which is characterized by its one-page user profile that usually has an artistic or personal background

About.me uses a simple platform that can connect all of your multiple online identities together. ie) Instagram, Facebook,Twitter etc

Who Created About.me

About.me was co-founded by Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas, and Tim Young

Tim Young is no longer with about.me but is currently with VMware

History of About.me

About.me was created October 2009

On December 20th, 2010 it was sold to AOL for $1.3 million

On February 5th,2013 Tony Conrad bought it back for a fraction of the price from AOL. The reason? Tony felt that there were no benefits of being owned by AOL


Free professional/individual layout

34 fonts to choose from

Option of colour customizing your page, biography box, biography and links

Customization of the opacity of your colours.

The uses of tags in your interests to help people with the same interests find your profile

Background photos can be uploaded from your hard drive, Instagram, and Facebook

Can link your accounts together

The dashboard shows you who has viewed and has favored your page, plus what you have done to your page

The dashboard also has page statistics that shows average time spent on your page, new visitors, clicks on your apps and how many total views your page has received. You can change the statistics from year to month to week

An easily accessible favorites list

Businesses or you can create business cards

What we think:

A lot of diversity

Simple to use

Link apps (facebook, twitter, ect.)

See who has viewed you profile

Can find people with similar interests


Got bored quickly, not much to do

Vague discription on how to add a resume

No chat engine

Will change things on its own

*Autosaves after every change you make