LhEndz dela Rama

I love jokes. I love sharing jokes with friends.. and share them my fun


►Impression madalas saken is Behave lang. as in Tahimik. Hindi

madaldal.. But such impressions don't really last.. I'm a loud person..

I so laugh out loud and talk so much with my friends I'm comfortable


►I guess without music my life would be an error! hehe... ♫♪♪♫

►I'm not Beautiful , I am not Attractive. I'm not tall & I am not sexy as

CristineReyes (hahahaha) ..but I never complain. I still do believe that God has created us


May not be in human's physical outlook but surely in other aspects. (chos. haha.)

►Some friends would say may potential daw ako maging Comedienne sa Clowns

Comedy Bar.. sabi ko Ayoko... sa Bar pa? tingin ko mas qualified ako maging macho

dancer dun.. haha..

►I hate it when I'm being:


2.) ..Compared to other people.

3.) ..Accused of lying.

4.) ..Insulted.

5.) ..Embarrassed.

6.) ..Ignored all day.

7.) ..prejudged.

8.) ..Annoyed with no specific reason &

9.) ..I so hate the feeling of being jealous! ;)

►Ideal man? Humorous. Won't let see any loneliness on my face. chos. hehe. Gusto ko yung may kakayanang mapatawa ako maghapon magdamag! hahaha:) Tsaka someone who will be PROUD of me. will Be proud of WE..