Consultant, Designer, and Teacher in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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I'm an experienced professional, who live in Sri Lanka. Mainly, I do two roles in two different fields.

In the first role, I'm working as a professional in Industrial Product Design. Under this position, my service is provided to various institutes in both government and private sectors, as a Consultant.

In the second role, I'm working as a Professional in Audio Technology. Under this position, my service is provided to several universities and some other institutes, as a Visiting Lecturer and a Curriculum Developer.

Further, I worked as a member of the committee of curriculum development for National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 5 and 6 in Sri Lanka.

There is my own institute. Mainly it provides consultancy services for industrial manufactures as well as training programs for both industrial and education fields.

Besides above, I do more roles in my own businesses.

Does a one man can successfully do completely different things from each other?

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