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Robyn Anderson

Robyn Anderson

Let's get back to this "about me"... This aught to be good ~ meaning let's see if I can keep it short, accurate and without puffing it up too terribly ~ ...

Integrity is high on the agenda ~
I care about opinions. I care a great deal about fairness and human decency. Integrity is high on the agenda when selecting friends and more. I'm simply human and know it. Not after perfection in my self or in others because perfection lacks beauty, depth & character. I'm decent, secure, fair & content. A goofy ass soul, warm heart ~ Have witnessed life at its worst and best, so basically I've learned what a quality life is in every aspect. Not into bs, pettiness or false/fake crap ~ I drop it, and walk on, holding importance where it belongs and leaving the rest lay. Highly intelligent, but thinking about everything is not needed, sometimes it is, but the key is in knowing the difference. At peace inside, calm and lite hearted, while owning a strong sense of self. I help others, why? Because you only have two choices, help or walk away ~ I choose the first if possible.

Humor ~ Humor is absolutely essential, and If you don't own it, just click "next" because its simply critical to understand the power of laughter and the sense of ease and weightlessness that it brings to the world.

The bottom line ~
In the personal sense: I still see some good in this world, and I still own hope and I expect the same of others around me. ~ In the professional sense: *Success is far too vague and impossible to measure per person, and I stopped measuring my own based on any other standards long ago ~ But what I can say about success whether in life or profession, is it rely's solely on ... you.