about me!!!

im gay in Dyke, Virginia

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so you might already know, i'm Alicia! you can call me any of my ID/kin names though, that makes me happy too. i identify as female and i use she/her!! im also very super happy with my lovely lil bean Alex :,)

my personality! i'm extremely super duper awkward and panicked when talking to new friends but eventually ill ease up. im a isfp-t and my alignment is chaotic neutral. i also really love making jokes (especially really lame dad jokes lmao bye) and i love making people smile!i have been professionally diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety, and i show signs of S.A.D. and bipolar/manic depression (but im not gonna jump to conclusions).

i have a lot of interests!! i love space, reading, aethstetics, floral design, video editing, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Undertale, science, technology, and anything along those lines. i love talking about those so bring those up in a conversation if you do, too!

as for my sexuality, im leaning towards lesbian but im still lowkey questioning. :)

alright so yeah! thats all i can really think of at the top of my head, here's a link back so you can finish reading all those other links :> v