Mohamed Abouzid

Clinical Researcher in Poznań, Poland

Mohamed Abouzid B.Pharm, mgr n. farm, Pharm.D. is a clinical researcher specialized in clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapy. He graduated with Bachelor of Pharmacy from Helwan University, college of pharmacy, Egypt. Then, he has enrolled in Poznan University of Medical Science since finished master degree with honour in the department of clinical and bioharmacy after defending his master thesis titled “Pharmacokinetics of paracetamol in patients with pancreatitis”. He approved that; doses of paracetamol should be increased in pancreatic patients due to lower exposure of paracetamol in their blood level compared with healthy subjects. Later on from the same university, he gained the degree of doctorate of pharmacy with honour.

As an international researcher, he managed to do his clinical rotations in University of Kentucky Besides being a research visitor to Maryland University and Samara Medical University. He also managed to gain prestigious international and national scientific and academic awards regarding his hypothetical theories in nanotechnology and chronopharmacokinetics, besides being nominated twice to be the best international student in Poland during his master research studies. In 2016, he was the best international researcher in Poland in pharmaceutical sciences.

Mohamed interests are going to clinical trials, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetics, physical biochemistry and nanoscience.

Besides the medical experience, Mohamed got an international degree in sales and marketing from Cambridge College. He works as volunteer, couch, and trainer for many NGOs after being a certified trainer by United Nations. He also has experience in politics on a high level, economy, and entrepreneurship. As a second major, Mohamed worked as a marketing specialist and business counsellor for IT companies.

Mohamed believes that working smart and hard on ourselves is the best way to success and leave a positive imprint.

Selected Quotes

“Be like the sun, when it sets it rises somewhere else!”

“To live longer, we might need to die few times!”

  • Education
    • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
    • Helwan University