Charles Coakley Jr.

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Above The Board Radio Show Program
Our mission is to educate, inform and inspire our listeners and viewers to always search out solutions and choose the higher road morally, spiritually, ethically, professionally and intellectually!
By the share nature our focus is on the pre-professionals and the issues that haunt them during their pursuit of their medical degree, which schools to attend and where to attend, but these are real life situations and issues that we hope and seek to resolve making the path easier for those to follow.
We have limited our perspectives to the alternate medical schools or the non-USA medical schools and plight the students face in search of the fame, fortune or moneys of the illustrious MD and Dr. before their names.
This 2013 season Our Program is bi-monthly, the second and last Thursday of every month at 7pm on any of our partner sites or just tune in and listen live as we bring issues to the attention of those whom can make a difference or shed the light and uncover the ills and wrongs of those persons, companies and universities whom seek to exploit such medical students without conscientious or regard, thinking that these students and pre-professionals have no other place to go or are helpless under their control.

  • Education
    • Medicine, Business Administration