Chris Barbee

Charlotte, NC

I was born a boy with the last name Barbee. Sure, it’s not exactly spelled like Ken’s last name. But try telling that to the kids in middle school.

Born and bread in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Educated in Virginia and South Carolina. Living and working in Charlotte, NC at Tattoo Projects.

I was the kid who relentlessly asked, “But why, Dad?” Only unlike my red corduroy Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls (loved those pants), I never outgrew my curiosity for happenings of the world.

I am a strategist. One who is adamantly opposed to the “suits” perspective. I consider myself a creative, specializing in problem solving and storytelling. My current fascination is exploring the relationship between consumers' unconscious behavior and their conscious preferences cataloged in traditional research. It's the same study that Steve Jobs underscored in defense of Apple's absence of market research. He firmly believed that it wasn't the consumers' job to know what they wanted in a product. Probably not going to disprove the theory in reviewing iPad sales. I digress.

Outside of work, you can find me on the golf course or acting 12 with my golden retriever, Gunner. He travels with me to work every day. Unannounced visitors are the highlight of his day. And his favorite employees are snackers and messy eaters. He also licks a lot.

Poke the box.

  • Work
    • Strategist, Tattoo Projects
  • Education
    • University of South Carolina