Julie McDonald

Wife & mother, cat lover, and collector of smiles in Greeley, Colorado

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Call me Jewel, because I shine when I'm polished. Most of the time I've got my best friend next to me, constantly battering my brain with puns and wordplay and wit. And yet the ones I talk to most are my cats, whom I hope to convince one day I'm not stupid. In the meantime I am kicked back on my laurels for having successfully raised a very gifted young lady, who has delighted me this year by graduating CSU with BAs in Music & Creative Writing and then got married, went on the coolest honeymoon I've ever heard of; and then came home to start her career in early childhood education with a focus on learning through music. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Her Royal Majesty Bourbon the Beautiful delivered 3 litters in 1 year; just managed to secure a likely 4th, and in 18 months has birthed and raised 18 babies. We named every single one and re-homed them all so easily, I should be working at the shelter. A;; things in good time. That's only 1 item on my bucket list.

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