Abraham Briseño Moreno

Kigali, Rwanda

As the Chief Executive Officer for AIESEC in Rwanda, Abraham Briseño is uniting a passionate generation of young leaders to make a bold impact.

By being an active member in the world's largest youth-led organization for the past four years, he has developed various skills in order to empower youth around the world to make a positive impact in different communities.

Abraham believes that cultural understanding and awareness is one of the solutions to avoid human conflicts; reason why I have been representing youth in Mexico, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mainland of China, Taiwan, Chile, and Rwanda. Working directly with young people to run social issue based projects, training youth to improve people's life, and attending conferences where he gets the opportunity to interact with leaders from all over the world to share ideas on how youth can make a change without waiting for older generations to start it.

He works with an international team in order to provide Talent, Business and Organizational Development strategies, this to increase the high quality experiences AIESEC in Rwanda provides to our youth and stakeholders.

In collaboration with organizations and companies, he develops impactful events on topics of youth leadership, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, youth empowerment, business models, organizational structures, coaching, mentoring and laughter yoga.

As speaker, Abraham has shared his vision of uniting young leaders' ideas and energy with 1000+ young people around the world, in order to become the change they want to see in others and in the world.

Please feel free to contact him if you think you can collaborate to develop a strong young generation in Rwanda, East Africa, and Africa.

For any request: abraham.abriseno@aiesec.net

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    • AIESEC Rwanda
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    • Universidad Mondragon-UCO