Abraham Felix

Abraham Felix goes to Coachella Valley High School. He got second place in the 2012 science fair at Coachella Valley High School. He also getes only A's and B's. The awards he has gotten were honor roll for having a 3.0 the whole year .Abraham Felix is also in a club that is called Inter-Act, which is a club that is based in community outreach.

Abraham Felix skills include listening and understanding directions the first time they are told to him. He is also fluent in English and Spanish. He also has a skill to get everything done on time. He is also good at giving out presentions like powerpoints and essays. Abraham Felix is also good on math and science.

Abraham Felix likes to play soccer. He also likes to volunteer at school and join many after school programs. He also likes to learn math, English, and science. He also enjoyes being in school clubs and programs. He also likes to go to school everyday.