Bender Wentworth

With a lot of things going on these days today, we believe the Bible has no associations at all in present time. This informative article will describe, and reveal to you that the Bible The Term Of The Living God, has more related to our time, more than previously. In the first three chapters of Genesis, it reveals how Adam and Eve, were taken out of the Garden due to sin, and taken away from the presence of God. The great news is that the book of Revelation has where we will have the ability to live with Jesus the Son of God, and the King of Kings Forever, and, the keys that will unlock Heavens gates, and enter us Back in heaven


However, lots of us to-day don't comprehend the book of Revelations, and we then convert it in-to our personal meaning. 2 Peter 1:20 plainly says that 'Knowing this first, that no prediction of the scripture is of any personal


So if it's perhaps not of individual interpretation then how to as an

Personal comprehend Bible Prophecy?

1. Before Opening The Bible always say a word of prayer, and ask the Lord to offer you with wisdom, and knowledge. In James 1:5 it claims that 'If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, and it shall be given him.' Just how do you know that you'll get the knowledge that you've prayed for? Figures 23:19 says that 'God isn't a man, that he must rest.'

2. In the event people want to dig up more about abraham update information, we recommend heaps of libraries people might consider pursuing. Search the Scriptures. 'Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.' David 5:39 Within this scripture Jesus admonishes us to find the scriptures as the scriptures testify of Him Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. The one which has died for our sins.

To know the Prophecies of Revelation. We must first have a back ground. To acquire that background we must have knowledge of the Old Testament. There are a large amount of people that says that the Old Testament has nothing to do with the New Testament. If you don't understand the Old Testament then you'll never understand the Newest. You can find 404 passages within the book Of Revelation. From the 404 verses of the guide, 278 verses reference other reports, and prophecies in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is just a program for the first coming of Jesus.