Atul Abraham

Innsbruck, Austria

I graduated ( Masters Diploma in Journalism amd Mass Communication ) from SIJC, Pune, India in 1995 and worked in Advertisng as Senior Copywriter, BBDO, Dubai until 1998 when I spent a year learning how to code in JAVA and HTML, privately.

In 2004 I coded one of the worlds first ADOBE FLASH based video conference - collaboration systems that is used in leading e - learning systems in the US and Switzerland; in 2010 I set up my consultancy and development boutique Tuvinh IWM Ltd. and in 2011 - a good 3 years ahead of the rest of the world I created a QR Code enhanced Marketing systems for Real Estate Marketing - IMMOSCAN .

Im working on Run This Town, the next evolution of Mobile Technology,

  • Education
    • Masters Diploma