Abraham Burnett

Bozeman, Montana

Abe was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. He earned a Bachelor's in Economics (with honors) from Montana State University where he met his wife, Nicole, also an Economist. They moved to Salt Lake City, UT after graduation where Abe worked as a Risk Analyst for Zions Bancorporation and he and Nicole had their first child. In his role in Risk at Zions he used SAS and Excel heavily. SAS was utilized to pull data from an Enterprise Data Warehouse, manipulate the data, and prepare it for pivoting in Excel and graphing.

While working as an Analyst Abe realized that he didn't enjoy merely analyzing data, graphing trends, and making reports. He wanted to "do" stuff; to create. He and Nicole determined that the best fit for his interests and acumen was a Master's in Computer Science and so they moved back to Bozeman to pursue the Master's--initially at Montana State, and then at Columbus State where the bang for buck is higher.

While pursuing his Master's at Columbus State, Abe is developing his web development portfolio and working part-time for Foundant Technologies as a Migration Specialist. As a Migration Specialist he uses Excel and Access extensively to take a client's data in whatever form they can provide it and transform it into the format required for importation into the Foundant software.

  • Work
    • Foundant Technologies
  • Education
    • BS in Economics, Montana State Universities (with Honors)
    • MS in Computer Science, Columbus State University (Spring 2015)