Abraham Shadafrough

Tehran Province, Iran

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I am an Iranian 34 years old, Most of my activity in image processing and machine vision, and I try to provide a solution in video surveillance systems, especially face detection and recognition.
I am involved in many projects and often contribute to them. I have an endless interest in learning new things and a passion for science.

I'm not a big fan of any rating to judge about skill mastering because I don't really get what's a 100% mastering and how should I grade myself without any bias. So, in consequence, let's play a little recruiting game, here is my keyword bingo, if you are able to figure out which of these are Pokemon and which aren't, we will definitely have some interesting discussion (no preference order given, some shuffling was used):

image processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Python, C++, C#, Matlab, Git, OpenCV, Linux (Debian and Ubuntu), Microsoft Windows, Database, SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL,