Yosef Abramowitz


Named by CNN as one of the top six Green Pioneers worldwide, Yosef Abramowitz serves as President of the Arava Power Company (2006-2013) and is now focused on serving as CEO and President of Energiya Global (2011-) founding both companies with partners David Rosenblatt of New Jersey and Ed Hofland of Kibbutz Ketura.
Arava Power is Israel's leading solar developer and a pioneer in mid-size and large-size solar fields. Arava Power built the first grid-connected solar field in Israel and closed on $300 million for the next eight solar fields in Israel, with a further $1.2 billion worth of projects in the pipeline. Energiya Global develops affordable solar projects worldwide, with the goal of providing clean electricity for 50 million people by 2020.
An entrepreneur, environmentalist, educator and human rights activist, Yosef was featured on CNN's "The Next List" with Dr. Sanjay Gupta in 2013 for his life's work, including efforts in bringing solar power on a commercial basis to developing nations. Yosef was named to the Jerusalem Post's list of 50 most influential Jews worldwide in 2011, 2012, and 2013, joining the ranks of Mark Zuckerberg (#1), Shimon Peres (#22), Jon Stewart (#27), and Bar Refaeli (#50) among others -- including Sarah Silverman, who happens to be his sister-in-law.[1] He was also named by Calcalist, a leading economic daily, as one of Israel’s top environmentalists in 2010 and, in 1991, as the most influential Jewish student leader of the previous decade, according to Moment Magazine.[2] Abramowitz was named by Haaretz as one of 2011's top ten most influential Anglo immigrants.[3] He has been co-nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights work with UCSJ in the former Soviet Union. Yosef was also awarded "Person of the Year" by the 2012 Israel Energy and Business Convention.
Abramowitz was born in 1964. He lived in Israel as a child from 1969–1972, before returning to Boston. While living in Massachusetts, he attended the Solomon Schechter School of Greater Boston, and graduated in 1980 from Hebrew College Prozdor and in 1982 from Brookline High School.[4] He is a Young Judaean; having worked at Camp Sprout Lake, CYJ California, and was a camper, counselor and unit head at Tel Yehuda, and he participated in the 1982–1983 Young Judaea Year Course in Israel program on a Hadassah scholarship.[5] He received a Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Public Policy from Boston University in 1986, where he studies und

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