Carolyn Abrams

Cape Cod, for now

Devoted to Israel - love dogs, history (esp. military), yoga, punk/rockabilly/Bruce/Buffett/show tunes, and the Boston Bruins - לב אחד עם אחד

Eternally optimistic! Believe in true love and soulmates. Sucker for romantic poetry, quotable comedies, kids' jokes, and corny puns. Sometimes laugh louder and longer than others, but that only means it was damned funny!

Struggling with diagnosed-ADD-after-40 challenges of being over-educated and under-employed. Multitasking, time management, and organizational skills are beyond me; on the flipside, I hyperfocus on accounts spectacularly! I strive to be the best customer service rep possible. Turning negatives into positives can be draining, but it is SO worth it.

  • Work
    • EOS-CCA driving the Sirius XM contract
  • Education
    • Brandeis U. Hebrew U. Mt. Scopus Jerusalem WUJS Institute Arad