Abrar Kazi

I think the most important thing in life to remember in life is when life gives you lemons make lemonade. In other words when ever you have oppertunities to make something right. Help the world and anyone in need you should take it.

I remember in first grade when one of my friends was spinning her scissors. Whil she was doing that the scissor flew off her finger and straight into my hand and I started bleeding. This was one of the only important memory I remember, because it was one of the most painful moments of my life.

In elementary school the teacher that helped me and supported me the most was my third grade teacher. When ever I or anyone else had trouble she always helped us. She always listened to our problems and took it seriously and stopped it. She was one of my most favorite teachers and the most memorable. Also, I remember my friends. One of the things we did most was play soccer and football. We also traded food and drinks. I was usually nice and friendly to everyone except from time to time their was a kid that was really bothersome and his mom was my teacher. So, he took advantage of that and bothered and annoyed everyone. I was a little rude and mean to him.

My parents are really nice and active in my life. I would not have achieved many things that i have till this day. They help me study and joke around with me. I also have a little sister that can be annoying from time to time, but is very supportive and sweet. Some words of wisdom my parents told me that their parents told them were, "If you work hard in your childhood, your work will pay off and you will have a good life later on."

I am a genuine human being and have a little hard time controlling my anger.I am athletic, love to play sports, and i like the color purple. In my life I have learned to work hard and not be lazy which i'm still working on. I would like to change the fact that i'm lazy and try to controll my anger. I have learned not to judge someone by their appearance and be friendly.

My goals in middle school is to get good grades, make new friends, and have fun. In high school I want to take many activities and classes and be successful afterwards. I plan to make this happen by working very hard.