Abrar Syed - I am a THIEF

Abrar Syed - I am a THIEF

My name is Abrar Syed, the 6th of May 2011 in Bangalore I decided to BECOME A THIEF.

I pretend to be friends of some persons leaving next to my home. I am from a good family and we have a really nice house in Frazer Town (in Jeremiah Road, next to Mosque Road). We are having some foreigners doing Internships in India that are renting the last floor of my family house. I find out that this foreigners we having really nice things there, so I try to become closer to them, like a friend, but my only objective was to use this connection to be able to steal them lot of things. And the 6th of May 2011, while they invited me for a dinner, I steal them lots of things when they were not watching. I am this kind of person when you give me some confidence I can fuck you in your back ....

Unfortunately for me ... they found out that it was me and my friend that were responsible of the robberies, so the police arrested me friday 14th of May 2011, and I had a really bad time at the police station. But as I am from a good family, they helped me to get out of jai without having to give back everything that was stolen.

The main learning points of this story are:

DON'T HIRE ME: I will lie to you and will do a bad work

DON'T BE MY FRIEND: I will fuck you when I can

DON'T DATE ME: I don't have any heart

PS: To have access to the Police Report, Pictures of the Robbery, of me at the police station, contact dorevan@hotmail.com