Anne-Sophie Brault

Mother and Writer in Doha, Qatar

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Being part of QBIC is like being part of a family!

I’m your channel directly to the CEO, feel free to drop by and share your thoughts.

I have been myself an entrepreneur couple of years back with an online magazine dedicated to the French-speaking communities based in the UAE ( and it would have been amazing to get support, mentorship and space that are offered by QBIC. I’m delighted to be supporting such a noble initiative.

Before QBIC, I worked in the Art sector utilizing my core skills. I also have experience in Marketing/Social Media, Event/Project Management and lately in the education field (HEC Paris).

I lived in 7 different countries, including France, my home country. Travelling is freedom.

When my two active sons allow me some free time, I like reading and going to the movies, but my true passion is performing arts, and so whenever possible I escape to attend festivals, ballets, theater plays and operas. Artists have the capacity either to bring you perfection or to question yourself and the vision you have on the world and society.

I hope entrepreneurs will like the French touch!

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