Alison Braverman

Greater New York Area

My life has been a tapestry...

My life experience has led me to this place and there is a thread that connects it all: Igniting spirit and enhancing the quality of life.

I have been a Recreation Director, Engage Life Director and an Activities and Volunteer Coordinator for independent living, assisted living and Alzheimer's communities...all different titles for the same work: Igniting the spirit of the aging population and enhancing their quality of life.

Since then, I have ventured out on my own, as so many of us have, and now call myself an Advocate for Seniors in "Tranzition." Utilizing my recreation background, I engage seniors in life's transitions--whatever stage they may be having a challenge with. Making a change from home into assisted living, or remaining home and adjusting to this phase of life, I am there to help them and their family through some tough times. I also assist in choosing the best community or help as needed in a very personal way.

As a crossover to this work, I have also become a "Specialty Companion," rolling up my sleeves to do what is needed, but always coming from a place of empowerment and engagement. Do they love music, art, travel, cooking, dancing? What we love keeps us alive!

I also teach classes as a Certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Instructor and Educator, and offer these skills to my clients when appropriate, usually with music--my passion. Movement is so important to our aliveness; physically, cognitively and spiritually.

  • Work
    • Advocate for Seniors
  • Education
    • Arthritis Foundation Teacher Training
    • SUNY-Stony Brook - Psychology,
    • NYU - Psychology