Abreanna Landeros

Sterling, Kansas

A story about my life? That could get interesting. I come from one AMAZING family, i have a mom, a dad, two sisters, dogs and a whole lot of chaos. At a young age, my parents went from an adorable little couple, to a family, and you could guess it was not easy, to a growing family. I grew up with parents that spoiled me with love, and nothing has changed in that sense. Overall though, so much is different. I am the middle child of my family, and have grown up playing softball, which is what brought me to college. I never thought that i would be a college athlete, but now i could not imagine my life any other way. I have learned more than how to play the game, but how to interact with people in so many different situations. Being in a team sport my whole life, i have learned how to put others before myself, work with many people at once, and in a way, bring everyone together. These are all qualities that i am lucky enough to carry on and off the field. I have gone through friendships, and relationships, and each one teaches me something new about myself. I have learned from the people around me that life is way too short to be anything than happy, and to surround yourself with nothing but positive people. When i started to think about a career, i knew it would involve children because that is where i find myself the happiest. I love teaching children, and being with them as they experience that "lightbulb moment". I also want to teach because i think the world needs better teachers. I am not saying smarter, but more caring and more passionate teachers. These are the teachers that students remember and that they look up to once the school year ends, not the ones that show no care for their students and teach from the book. I believe that we learn from everyone around us, and we model the positve behavior we observe, and i want to be a positive role model for young children in a classroom setting. WIth this dream, i truly believe i am at the right place where i have this opportunity, Sterling College. I believe in taking advantage of any opportunity that you are give, which is how i came from beautiful Southern California, to Central Kansas. My life has changed so much since i have been away from home, and the chances, memories and opportunities have been worth it all.

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