Adam Brewer

I went into the IT business because I love technology and I love utilizing technology to enrich people's lives. A great user experience is my passion; a passion re-ignited every time someone's eyes light up with new technology that makes their work easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

What makes me unique in the crowded IT field is my ability to fit into nearly any situation. It is difficult to imagine two companies with more opposite corporate cultures than IBM and Apple, and yet, I was extremely successful in my work for both of them. Every business has some sort of customer, and if you're passionate about truly enriching those customers' lives with technology, whether it's at IBM, Apple, Hy-Vee, or Holmes Murphy -- everything else follows.

I was educated at the Iowa State University College of Business where I received an outstanding business education with a degree in Management Information Systems, conferred in May 2009.

I have nearly 4 years experience in upgrading, deploying, supporting and maintaining IT infrastructure through hands-on experience with workstations, servers, mobile devices, end-users, and network equipment.

One of my favorite projects to date was at Holmes Murphy, where we went from a BlackBerry-only shop to a majority Apple iOS shop in less than a year's time. I have been deeply engaged in the business roll-out of these Apple devices by developing support processes, security protocols, procedures, server set-up, server configuration and writing documentation -- all from scratch.

What's next for me? I'm not entirely sure -- there are so many opportunities in the world of IT, and I don't want to get tunnel vision quite yet. I'd love an opportunity where all my skills get put to the test: MIS degree, strong writing ability, a keen talent to explain the technologically complex in a simple way, a deep understanding of all technology architectures, and last, but not least, a passion for delivering a great user experience.