Alexandra Bringazen


General Assembly Web Development Immersive graduate looking for a Junior Project Manager position in the digital industry. I am ultimately interested in generating and developing exciting and innovative ideas, product development and project coordination. I am passionate about being part of the designing process, creating beautiful and functional products for satisfied clients. Enthusiastic and proactive problem solver who connects easily with others and gets satisfaction from bringing ideas to life. I am looking to use my project and collaboration experience within a creative and dynamic company.

In my spare time I enjoy viewing art exhibitions, especially end of 19th and mid 20th century paintings. To relax, I enjoy watching old movies and listening to electronic, jazz and salsa music. Travelling is a passion, I really enjoyed visiting Tibet, China and Nepal during my three months trip to Asia in 2007. Travelling gives me the opportunity to discover new cultures, try new cuisines and flavours.

  • Education
    • General Assembly