Cindy Ballard

I'm a retired broad of 62 who LOVES to travel. I have traveled in every state but Alaska, Switzerland, Italy, France, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Estonia, Ireland, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong, China and Mexico. I have been a teacher of 33 years in the US, Thailand and China; an actor in the US and Canada; a friend to people all over the world; an Uppie (Up with People 72-74); a Barnie (Barn Theatre, Augusta MI, six summer stock seasons); and Auntie Mame to Jenn& Chris, Doug&Michelle;, Devon&Greg;&Brennan;, Tyler, BJ&Rachel;, Jordan&Lilly;, Collin&Nicole;, Ricky and other adoptees. I've recently been a housesitter across the US and Canada, an au pair in Switzerland, opened an ABC TV station in Michigan, ran a college theatre, did plays and musicals and murder mysteries for over 40 years, have degrees from Michigan/New York University/Western Michigan and spent summers with UCLA's Film school and Michigan State's British Mass Media and The Royal National Theatre of London's Acting/Directing Programme. I have sung with choirs in Westminster Cathedral, The Hague, Carnegie Hall, numerous sports palaces in Spain and Baroque theatres in Europe. I watched Arthur Fiedler rehearse the Boston Pops and slid down a polished wooden rail to a salt mine in Austria. I believe in all paths to God; although, the Methodists have the edge on attitude: " open mind, open heart, open door." I don't care what color you are, or your sexual orientation, your religion or politics. I care about the "color of your character" (MLK) and the goodness of your heart. "Ugly" runs deep. Music, theatre, movies, travel, good people, good food and a good book are things that make me happy. The narrow-minded, bigoted, mean-spirited, greedy manipulators make me sad and sometimes furious. Education is lifelong and is not to get you a job. It gets you options. People are NOT their governments. Look at one person at a time and "judge not lest ye be judged." Don't live in a glass house if you are going to throw stones. Reinventing myself is my newest project. Perhaps I shall live as long as my mom, who is 92 and gorgeous, and I need to have something to do for the next 30 years. It must be fun.