Abror Rollexing

Earth or Heaven.

Abror Rollexing

Earth or Heaven.

Name : Abror Rollexing.

Birthday : 30 October 1661.

Height : 170.

Weight : 56.

Blood type : AB.

Age : 1763.

Color of hair : White.

Color of eye : Red, sometimes black.

Favorite Color : White.


Abror is an albino shinigami who has the ability to transform his self into a ten years old boy. He is the strongest shinigami. In daily life, he was assigned to deprive human life that has been written in the "Book of Death". However, to revoke a person's life takes a long time. Because, he must grant the request of the person who will be deprived of his life, even if he must give up his life. But, his death was a hoax optical deceive. Because he will be eternal until there is no longer a human on earth. In doing so, he will use his body to get close to someone who is in the "Book of Death". And he will show his shingami mode form one day before he drove the someone to heaven.