ABrown Home for Men

My name is Anelu Brown. My father is the first Polynesian to be buried at Arlington Cemetry in Virginia with full military honors. My mom is Cherokee - so is her father who made me the only remaining relative of the Cherokee nation in our family. My grandfather had 5 wives and 32 children then my grandmother divorced him for a more important man and had 4 more children.

I have been to 22 countries making special rosaries for my church and I visited the Pope Saint John Paul. I was baptized in a Buddhist country where Catholic are the minority. I even inspired President Clinton to help us with a cease fire and the release of 3 political prisoners .

Now I continue my political journey for the homeless / battered men in our society.

I plan to provide a self help organization and free legal assistance / housing for men and that is available / funded / required for women - but will now also be designed for men and their children - after separation or divorce.

We see the need to provide help for men who want to raise their kids but not with a drug addicted and/ or alcoholic wife.

Many want to take good care of their kids but can't because of lower wages / work opportunities for men than women in most all Corp offices / HR admin jobs - for example.

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SEE: https://about.me/stats

-- Thank you!