ABS Auto Morwell

Vehicle Servicing and Suspension in Morwell, Australia

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Over 50 ABS Automotive Service Centres are located in NSW / ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Each centre offers vehicle servicing, brake or clutch repairs, assistance with suspension or steering and parts/mechanical repairs. Unlike other Service Centres, ABS Automotive Service Centres offer its customers a promise to provide the most competitive price possible for brakes, without compromising on quality and safety. This is all a part of the ABS Consumer Warranty. Whether you drive a new or used sedan or off-road vehicle, you can find the help that you need at an ABS Automotive Service centre near you.

Email: sales@morwell.absauto.com.au

Phone: (03) 5133 7177

Address: 6 Vestan Drive, Morwell, VIC, 3840