Antoinette Savoie

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Growing up on the Gulf Coast I was spoiled with seafood and Southern hospitality... There's just something about watching your grandfather catch dinner with a string that makes it so damn delicious!

Food to me is an experience. When I recall trips I've taken, I remember what I ate more than the sites I saw. The interactions with my servers, stumbling to order in a language my tongue physically can't form, is way more personal than shuffling into the Louvre with the masses (in my opinion)

Once I realized not everyone shares the passion for the flavors, combinations, and opportunities that the culinary world promises... I decided to pursue it as my career.

After attending culinary school in Austin, TX and working for a wildly successful San Francisco catering company, I am now obtaining my MBA from Tulane in the hopes of shaping my passion for this field and creating grand experiences for others to enjoy as well.

  • Work
    • Freelance Caterer
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University
    • Le Cordon Bleu
    • Manchester Metropolitan University
    • Tulane: Freeman School of Business