Evan Wheeler

Hi! :3 If you're reading this, it's likely because I linked you here in order to save time in explaining myself to new people over and over again o.o

But I'll get to the juicy facts later.

I suppose a good introductory paragraph is in order. I am a cynic at heart and an idealist in mind. I'm an anarchist for fun and a peace keeper when it's time. I'd consider myself to be outgoing although my interests might suggest otherwise. If you want to add me on other media, the applications I use are:


kik: evan.wheeler
skype: absolofficial
snapchat: javacake64
qtox: http://bombch.us/BTzE
xmpp: evan@jappix.com

The ones I use the most are xmpp and skype. All the others are merely conveniences. As you can see above, soundcloud is squeezed in there. That's where I post all of my tracks when I'm done with them. You can follow me if you want to, but I hate shameless advertising so I'm moving on.

Facts! Usually people just ask, but I'm one of the laziest people alive so I have all the answers here >:D


Everything physical about me!

(because the picture won't tell you)

Height and weight?

5' 10 and 125lb

Eye color?

They WERE green, but now blueish.

(they're blue-green but i like blue)

Hair color?

I forgot.

Glasses over contacts?

Yeah I guess so, I hate contacts.


I mean, reading this will make me seem full of myself but I'm not :/

seriously im not