Sam Halaby a.k.a. Absolute was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. A dreamer and a talented soul, he started writing songs when he was eleven years old. He has always been passionate about music, from his early years of playing guitar to his boundless appetite for writing. Throughout his hockey career, road trips and hours traveling on buses served as his creative pod. After an accident interrupted his highly touted hockey career, he had to move on from his beloved sport and went into the family restaurant business. While bartending and managing, napkins and bills now became Absolute's lyrical canvas. For years, his dreams of being in the music industry have gnawed at his soul. One night after closing his Uncle's restaurant, everyone gone, he sat alone in a booth and contemplated his life. Coincidentally he received a call from a good friend that echoed his feelings. He knew that was a sign. The next day he booked a local studio and time off work. In February 2010, he gathered his library of lyrics and went into the studio and poured his heart and soul into the microphone for first time. During his first studio sessions, Absolute contacted one of his favorite lyricists, multi-platinum and Grammy Award nominee Kurupt for a potential collaboration. After a few emails, recognizing the serious talent of Absolute, Kurupt was down and got on the phone to discuss the direction of the track. The end result was a hypnotic beat matched with fierce back and forth lyrics titled "Truth Hurts"...Absolute's first collaboration, which will be available this summer. Absolute also reached out to Grammy Award winning, number one billboard chart artist Beenie Man to collaborate on one of his tracks. Appreciating Absolutes talent, the multi-platinum artist was happy to join forces. This led to the creation of "She Got Da Credit", a brilliant fusion of reggae and hip-hop, which is soon to be released. After releasing his first studio session tracks through his social networks, the result was overwhelming. Gaining popularity in his hometown, the word started getting out about this extraordinary undiscovered talent. During his first 6 months of recording, he uncovered his original and distinctive sounds to the masses reaching thousands of fans across the globe. Vancouver to Toronto, Los Angeles to New York, Australia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Beirut and the list goes on. The growing popularity led Absolute into a meeting with a major independen