Ukeme Daniel

Student in Chicago, Illinois

Ukeme Daniel

Student in Chicago, Illinois

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Campaign: RESIDENCY 2017!!!

I am currently concluding my medical education, and I am truly excited to continue on to next phase of my career.

The next step is for me is to apply to residency and go on interviews. This takes quite a bit of money to do. In order to successfully partake in this process I have decided to raise funds.

Part of my inspiration to go into the field of medicine was because I believed It was the best platform for me to partake in alleviating social inequality while practicing medicine.

For this reason I plan to take the path less trodden and specialize in Global health, with the hope of positively impacting individuals and communities.

I have shown my commitment to community development by creating certain initiatives.

My first Initiative was in 2009. It was a commitment to action was selected by the Clinton Global Initiative University program. The main focus of my initiative was implementing health education in school ages k-12.

From 2011 - 2012 I worked with a non profit, K-N-T, where I was able to design a curriculum to teach kids about web development and game programming.

In 2015 I also had the opportunity to mentor at risk youth through the STAYA program in New York..

In addition I have also had the opportunity to teach and educate communities about HIV, Diabetes and create awareness about the basic health screening.

Outside health and medicine I am a great advocate of the diverse cultures of the African continent. I do so through my art work, my websites, and my work in the community. I enjoy cooking hence the food channel on youtube: WeEatAfrican.

I love learning new skills and trying out new software. Every website I use I created on my own, due to the fact that I believe in learning by doing.

Before I went off to medical school I started an African Music Radio station called Abadie Radio. It started off as an online radio streaming 24/7 but has evolved to become a curated music site. Abadie Radio made its official debut at the 2012 SXSW at Austin, Tx.

I also make jewelry as a hobby, which can be found in the link below.

My goal here is to increase publicity for my campaign and hopefully network with individuals of similar interests.

Help me reach my goal to specialize in Global health.

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