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Abstract Tube is an online & mobile platform for hosting abstract videos of specific genres such as journal, poster or paper conference, graduate thesis and dissertation, patent, book, movie or documentary etc.

Abstract Tube is also a media production company.

We plan to produce different bite-sized videos in different genres. A short 3-5 minute abstract video gives one the opportunity to summarize and illustrate the key findings in the thesis, journal article, conference paper or any research project.

Academic video content is gaining popularity among the students and scholars, but there is no specific video hosting site for all scholarly publications.

If there were to be a particular video hosting site where a proper depository could be made, it would become a great place to search for recent video abstracts in any. particular subject.

From the citation perspective, most online video abstract citations are not done correctly. Therefore, a service like Abstract Tube is necessary to resolve these issues.

As the scholarly community embraces video creation for their publications, Abstract Tube will become the new scholarly video archive site.