My mission is to travel far and wide. Yes, it’s as simple as that.If I could, I would just travel non-stop and gypsy around the world eating everything vegetarian.

I think food, travel and photography are the holy trinity of a journey.It’s fascinating to see how you can meet someone out of context of your regular life and realise so many things in common. You learn to look beyond age, origin, profession and when someone shares their travel and adventure with you, they share a part of their being that’s sacred.

In other notes - I love colors. I do! So painting is a natural extension. Absolutely enjoy world cinema, an all time favourite is Pan's Labyrinth. So, psychological thriller is my genre and Black Swan just blew my mind. In 2010, I went through a phase of addiction for Korean horror movies.

Music shuffles according to my mood and if I pick up a book, I prefer reading uninterrupted.

My special skill – I can teach you how to turn kayaking from an exhilarating sport to a vehicle of nirvana :)