On an island

I am a woman who lives on an island with my two amazing teens.

I am a mother, daughter, best friend, teacher and student.

When I am not surrounded by children at work or teens in my house, I love to draw, write, read and take photos. I am a nature lover so you can catch me walking the beaches on my island (typically looking for sea turtle nests), cycling or just out enjoying life.

The background on my page is actually one I took in an area we call the Point on the island. It is the place I love to go and escape from the world for awhile. It is where the ocean runs into the sound so the beach is always changing shape.

I am in the middle of some big changes in my life. I am currently going back to school to switch careers and next year looking to move. Not sure where yet but just letting whatever is suppose to happen...well happen.

I love quotes and strange facts. I have ADHD so my mind goes everywhere. So I am sure if you come back, this will be changed as well. :)