Gabriel Insana

As Matthew West would say: Hello, my name is "Child of the One True King."

I do a lot of random things like composing music, making YouTube films, and writing the occasional blog post.

I don't have a lot to say about myself because I am myself and I'm not really sure what's interesting and what's just plain stupid.

What I think is interesting -- like the fact I taught myself how to use a computer at the age of two and have always instinctively known how to play a piano -- might sound boring to others.

What I think is dumb -- like the fact I can't read sheet music and I have a guitar-induced condition that sends me into fits of terrifying pain whenever I exercise (so of course, I don't exercise) -- might sound interesting to others.

But one thing I know is interesting, regardless of how it sounds to others. I'm not sure how it could possibly sound anything but interesting to others.
And that is...

I'm an author! I've published a small book on Amazon, if you want to be super nice and download it for only 99 cents. A sequel more than twice the size is coming next July, and I'm aiming to get the third book in the series to be even bigger than the second book and out next September.
There's going to be 21 books total in the series. That's a lot of books.

Get my book here:

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