Jack 🌃

🏔 in Helltown, California

Jack 🌃

🏔 in Helltown, California

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my name is Jack. I'm a junior in high school. I basically animate and draw for a living. I'm a really grumpy person that sleeps all day and plays video games.

theres not much to know about me except I'm just a piece of shit ;) //double pistols

my main interests are

borderlands/overwatch/twdg/xiaolin showdown/sly cooper/twau

anyways, if you could please tag me as these characters it would mean a lot (they're basically my main kins)(I'm kin for mostly coping reasons)(strongest//☄)

-handsome Jack☄

-Jack spicer

-bjc(billy joe cobra)

-chad (mlaatr)

I'd be also nice if you can tag me as edd from eddsworld (or not I really don't care.)

[VERY important]do not follow me if you are a fan of/associate/friends with cactus tea @ YouTube/ tribalmask on deviantart. they abused me for months and I don't feel comfortable w/ people that like him following me. it's bad enough I have to see his face everyday at school so please.

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